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  • April 22, 2016
    Lawyers often share office space with other lawyers with no intent to form a partnership in order to save money on office expenses. Unfortunately, not all formal papers are required to form a partnership and lawyers sharing office space are at great risk for shared liabilities and malpractice claims. Generally you want you avoid being in an apparent partnership. Under the general law of a partnership, if your ‘partner’ incurs a debt...
  • March 10, 2016
    Wage and hour lawsuits are being filed against employers at a record rate. Aggressive plaintiff attorneys use class- and collective-action procedures to pursue hundreds maybe even thousands of current and former employee claims cases. Since wage and hour issues can affect any company or organization, all industries are at risk. Most wage and hour claims allege the employer: Failing to pay employees for off the clock work Failing to pay...
  • January 15, 2016
    To avoid lawsuits, here are some legal malpractice tips for lawyers:1. Avoid giving “Casual Legal Advice”Claims adjusters who defend legal malpractice claims are all too familiar with the lawsuit in which the attorney gave casual legal advice to their friends and family during conversation or at a social mixer. Be cautious of where and when you give advice; it is best to make an appointment where you can gather all of the applicable...
  • December 10, 2015
    Insurance Issues is an annual report published each year by the Lawyers Insurance Fund and reports on changes in the insurance program and policy. The program report includes any policy wording changes, as well as statistics on claims and potential claims. The 2015 Lawyers Insurance Program Reports summary: Reports on the 2015 insurance program policy and revisions Reviews statistics on claims and potential claims Highlights a free risk-...
  • November 12, 2015
    Who is a fiduciary? Fiduciaries are not labeled only by one title, but more-so by their roles in the administration of a business plan. A fiduciary is any person whom property or power is entrusted to for the benefit of the business, and has discretionary control over the business’ plans or investments.  This can include all shareholders, executives, in house council, and all informal committee members. *Note: Any person(s) acting as...
  • October 23, 2015
    As a lawyer, negotiation is a part of your life – you do it all day, every day. With your clients you negotiate about project strategy and payment of fees, with the other side about contractual terms offers and counteroffers. Life in the legal workplace presents many challenges, yet becoming a skilled negotiator is not something they do not teach at law school. Most pick up the skill and learn how to negotiate on the job and through...

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