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10 Negotiation Tips for Commercial Lawyers

As a lawyer, negotiation is a part of your life – you do it all day, every day. With your clients you negotiate about project strategy and payment of fees, with the other side about contractual terms offers and counteroffers.

Life in the legal workplace presents many challenges, yet becoming a skilled negotiator is not something they do not teach at law school. Most pick up the skill and learn how to negotiate on the job and through experience.

Here are a few key skills that are required to be a good negotiator:

  • Be prepared – “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”
  • Do your research – know your client & know your opponent
  • Allow wriggle room – never go in with your ‘best case’ offer straight away. Build in sufficient room to your offer so the other side will thing they’ve got a good deal.
  • Think one step ahead – this will help you be more prepared for any possible situation
  • Silence is golden – silence is one of the strongest statements you can make
  • Control the agenda – don’t be afraid to tell the other side that you need time to consider a proposal with your client
  • Remain professional – remain calm, reasoned and well prepared
  • Manage your client – as a lawyer, your job is to advise even if that advice includes something that your client doesn’t want to hear
  • Remember: Always stay focused

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Original article source: Top 19 Negotiation Tips for Commercial Lawyers

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